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Our current schedule arrangement allows for each person to attend two classes.

Some classes have size restrictions. While we do our best to ensure everyone gets into their first and second choices, sometimes it doesn’t work out. Choosing four in order of preference allows us to ensure we get everyone into classes they’d like to attend.

Yes. Every year we strive to improve the registration and check in process. We know this was an issue, and have implemented an automated registration confirmation email.

While our Firearms Qualification session has an age limit of 18, our other sessions are appropriate for ages 15 and up. Please keep in mind, while some classes may be interesting, utilizing the knowledge gained may be more challenging for teens in high-stress situations.

For a variety of reasons, recording the sessions is not a possibility at this time.

The classes vary depending on instructor availability and level of interest. We like to include new offerings every year, but if we note a large interest in a given class we try to keep that in consideration as we plan for the next year.

Please get a hold of us through the contact us link below; you can also reach out with email (Email Us →) or message us on our facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/BCSOChurchSafetyTeam).

We know not everyone can eat the same thing. Please note what dietary restrictions you have when you register so we can ensure there is something available for everyone. We don’t want anyone to go hungry.

After consulting with the various instructors we’ve had over the years, shorter sessions would mean cutting out valuable content.

While we’d love to add another session, we’re trying to take our instructors well-being into consideration. We want everyone to have a good experience, and exhausting the instructors may limit their interest in returning in years to come.

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